One thing that we've added the past couple of years is the opportunity for our campers to rent private porta potties. Contact me at least 2 weeks in advance to get a price and get more details.

We're doing more work on the trail with more benches, adding more twenty-four hour security. Those guys did a great job last year. We've been thinning and pruning more trees. The draught has killed so many big trees at Darling. Please folks, take down any rope or string that you tie around the trees before you leave. String kills. Seems funny, but it does. Also please don't prune any branches. Geeze sorry, wrong section.  OK. OK.  Shake it off.  We try to make improvements every year.  Also, don't forget the first paid reservation that I receive after April Fools day gets one free non-transferable camping ticket for the following year. I'm sure by the time you come scooting up our road we'll have a few more surprises to add.  See you in July.

Cindy Darling

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