WELCOME! To the Darling Reunion.  Are you ready for the fabulous Oregon Country Fair? We open Thursday morning at 10 a.m. & close Monday at noon. You can get into the Ranch from 10:00 a.m. Thursday morning until 10:00 p.m. that night. The gate to the campground will be closed from 10 p.m. 'till 8 a.m. for the safety of our guests. Come ready to be silly & have a wonderful time.

Prior arrangements must be made for trailers and RV's as they are parked in the orchard and space is limited.

We've come up with some basic respect & courtesy guidelines to make the weekend safe and enjoyable for everyone. You are guests at our home. One of MANY. Please respect our neighbors and your neighboring campers. Read through this guide so that you are aware of what is expected of guests at our campground and so that we may continue to provide camping in the future.

  1. We have one community fire pit at the drum circle in the Indian camp. Coleman cooking and BAR-B-Qs only. Tiki torches, candles on the ground or campfires at campsites are not allowed. Please put cigarette butts in butt cans.
  2. Absolutely no pets or fireworks.
  3. Stretched or broken wristbands will not be honored & must be repurchased.
  4. Alcohol & illegal drugs are not allowed.
  5. We cannot have balloons on the ranch, as they are a danger to our animals. They start to giggle & fall into the fences.
  6. Food or beverage vending is not allowed by the Health Department or by us.
  7. Come prepared to park your vehicle for the weekend & stay. No in-out driving, unless alterabled. Taint safe. Gate closes at 10pm.
  8. Remember your neighbors when partying & limit noise. Drum circle at the Indian camp. Quiet time: 10pm - 8am. Please no radios. There are wonderful musicians on the ranch. Enjoy the live unamplified music & respect your neighboring campers.
  9. Pick up litter. This is our home. You are provided with garbage cans and a dumpster by the barn. At the end of the weekend, please inspect your area and pick up all trash. Butts are litter.
  10. Please shut off hoses after use and use recycle stations. If you tie string or rope to the trees, please remove it before you leave.
  11. Please stay on our property. We have a beautiful foot trail going to the Fair. Just follow the signs.
  12. Please don't enter the horse pasture or the barn. Absolutely NO SMOKING near the barn.
  13. Lock up your valuables. We can't be responsible for lost or stolen items. There is a Lost & Found at the barn registration and a Message Teepee for you and your friends south of the barn.
  14. All vehicles in the NO VEHICLE AREA will be towed at owner's expense. The campground closes at NOON on Monday. All cars left on the ranch will be towed at owner's expense.
  15. Those who are not willing to follow these guidelines will have to leave without refund. Camp fees are non-refundable.

These are all simple guides that make the Country Fair weekend fun & safe for everyone and easier for our year round neighbors. Please help us by abiding by them. Thank you so much for coming and for helping to make my sweet life here possible.

Welcome to the Darling Reunion and have a wonderful Fair!

24551 Suttle Road
P.O. BOX 775
Veneta, Oregon 97487

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