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Dearest Darling Campers,

As you all know, we have grown by leaps and bounds since we opened our gates in 1987 and have sold out every year. I am so grateful for every one of you and your loyalty.

Selling tickets through a public vendor has been great for me and has eased my burdens immensely. Sadly, it doesn’t allow me to pick and choose my campers or make sure that people who are disrespectful or destructive to our lovely campground aren’t allowed back in the following years. It's hard knowing tickets are being sold to those who aren’t interested in contributing in a constructive way to the kind of community that we are trying to build here while great people are unable to get tickets and have to go elsewhere. I want our good old campers here… at the Darling Reunion.

For all of my good, longtime campers, you have no worries. You will be on my DRM (Darling Reunion Member) list. Your friends and families will also be able to camp here on your referrals. New folks can also apply for a camping pass on a trial basis if we have room. You will have to show picture ID to pick up your wristbands.

It will be a challenging transition for a year or two while we work out the bugs but think about the campground we could have… no blaring music at all hours of the night, no having to chase people down when their friends sneak them in, causing overcrowding and disruptions, no being cussed at when we really are trying to keep people safe here and thefts should come way down.

Just having folks know that if they’re too out of hand they won’t be invited back will make a huge difference. We will be able to build a real community where we reunite each year with our dear ones.

Remember, you are responsible for educating the people that you refer into the Darling Reunion. When you invite trouble in, it reflects on you. I will also be working on my naughty list along with the rest of the crew. I’ll try to get around to visit as many people as possible during the Reunion.

Please don’t misunderstand me, no one wants a bunch of Stepford Hippies mumbling into their hummus. I love spice and mischief more than anyone but it’s gotten out of hand in the last few years.

Please fill out this DARLING REUNION MEMBER APPLICATION completely. Use your legal name only please. Please feel free to email me with your ideas and suggestions. Together we can make this an even better nest than it already is.

Updates will be on the “What’s New” page.

Join me on Facebook: Darling Reunion Facebook for updates. Include your legal name when you friend me so I’ll know who you are please.

Thank you for the years!
Cindy Darling

Please fill out this MEMBER APPLICATION completely so that I may email a Darling Reunion invitation to you.

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