First... getting on the list.

I’ve heard you guys are “members-only” now. What does that mean and how do I get in?
Please see “Becoming a Darling Reunion Member” on our website for all the skinny on this.

Buying a Ticket

God help me, I wasn't able to buy a Darling Reunion ticket and my dreads are in a wad. What do I do?
Get a reservation at Shady Rest next door. If your name is on our members list you can buy a day pass at the bridge by the drum circle or if it is closed go to Suttle Road and enter at the front gate and purchase a pass to visit. You will not be able to bring alcohol in or stay the night but you can get your Darling hugs.

I got an invitation from you last year but I couldn’t make it. Am I still on the list?
If you received an invitation last year and none of your invitation needs to be updated, you’re still on the list. If any of your info has changed, let us know. Gracias.

I got the code from UO and bought 4 tickets. Can I bring my friend/neighbor/coworker/favorite barista with me if they are not on the "Nice Camper" list?
Everyone who camps at Darling needs to be on the approved list. Please instruct them on how to properly get onto the list. Remember, YOUR REFERRAL IS YOUR REPUTATION. No ticket scalping. Cindy will be very unhappy if anyone is caught charging more for an extra ticket.

I do everything with my best friend. My dog/cat/snake/ferret/turtle/rat/blue macaw is my best friend. Can I bring him?

I totally forgot to check my email and now UO is sold out! What do I do?
The thing about events like this is that people cancel. Things come up and sometimes life just happens. In these instances, we get people who abandon their tickets to us. We sell these at the front gate after 1:00 on Thursday. We can't guarantee you will get a ticket, but you are welcome to come to the greeters booth and ask about purchasing a ticket day of. If we're out, you can always go to Shady Rest next door.

I've heard I can come in for a few hours and crash with my friends. That's awesome!
Not exactly. Only if you're camped at Shady Rest (owned by Jesse and Cody Darling), then you can buy a day pass at the bridge. But you must have a Shady Rest wristband as well and will not be able to spend the night.

How many licks to the center of a tootsie-roll pop?

Why do I have to have my friends fill out an "invite form"? They've been there before and we fill out a form at the barn every year. Isn't that good enough?
The member invite form is to get on the nice list. That way you'll get an invitation every year and be welcomed home. The registration sheet is the waiver you sign when you get here. They are two separate entities. And don't wait till you get here to have your newbie fill it out. Get it done before you arrive. Less stress for you, less stress for us, and we get you back into the camp looking for your peeps quicker.

I bought a ticket for my friend, but now I'm switching it to someone else. What do I do?
Email thedarlingreunion@gmail.com or message Darling Reunion Facebook and explain who is leaving and who is taking their place. It is your responsibility to make sure the new person is on the nice list. Have them fill out the invite form and send it our way!

Things to Think About Before you see the Whites of our Eyes

When is the earliest I can show up? When is the latest I can stay?
The Gates to Darling will open at 10 am on the morning of Thursday before the second full weekend in July. You must be packed and off the property by noon on the following Monday. HOWEVER, we have staging - which opens at 7am. (See Darling Staging document)

Do I need to bring all the drinking water I will need, or can I fill up my own containers at DR?
Bring your own water! There is water on site for hygiene needs, but bring drinking water and then recycle the containers. Capisce?

Is there food available on site or do I need to pack my own?
Cousin’s Café at the barn is staffed by “service with a smile” kind of folk who serve up offerings from 7 am to 10 pm on Thursday and Sunday; 7 am to midnight on Friday and Saturday. There are vegetarian options, a coffee bar, and ice for sale. Please remember to tip your cashier! The barn gets busy from time to time- so instead of grumping that your burger is taking too long, strike up a conversation with someone near by. Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.

How can I get a private porta potty?
Please contact thedarlingreunion@gmail.com no later than mid-June to reserve a private porta potty. Contact Cindy at thedarlingreunion@gmail.com for current pricing. This is very much worth it and if you split the cost with your fellow campers, is very affordable. For those who choose not to rent a private porta potty- no worries, there are clusters of public porta potties located every few hundred yards along the trails throughout the camp.  NEW RULE: Remember: each private biffy must have a hand-washing station outside of it with hot(ish) water, soap, and paper towels.

Can I bring my car into the campground?
If you want to camp with your car, you need to camp on the west side of the property and purchase a vehicle pass for $40. You pay this fee at the gate when you enter the camp. It is first come, first served for car spots.

What is the vending policy?
First of all you must contact Cindy at thedarlingreunion@gmail.com to go over what you would like to sell. The fee is $40 for a 10x10 ft area. $80 for a 10x20 ft area. Please contact Cindy if you will be requiring a vending space and/or if you would like to vend on Vendor’s Row. You are NOT allowed to sell food, beverages, drug paraphernalia or drugs per Oregon Laws.

No fires, does that include charcoal BBQ?
No cook fires at camp. You can use cook stoves or hibachis on a table. All cook stoves hibachis and candles must not be left unattended. You can have candles in your camp, but be sure they are contained and off the ground and not a fire risk. No Tiki torches at all. If you are a smoker - bring a sensible ashtray to keep your camp clean. There are also “Butt Buckets” provided by the barn and throughout camp. Use them. Please use common sense when dealing with hot or burning materials.

What is the mosquito situation like?
People are fodder. Bring environmentally friendly repellent.

Can I bring my stereo and subwoofers?
If you would like some music at your camp – by all means go ahead and bring a radio or ipod dock or what have you. However, your neighbors may not share your taste in music. Please be respectful of this. Keep the volume low and please turn it off by 11pm. We must abide by an 11pm no amplified music curfew by order of Lane County.

It is much preferred that you bring an instrument of the acoustic variety or head down toward the barn and support the bands that play there each evening.

Are there showers or do I need to embrace my inner “dirty hippie?”
There are solar showers behind the barn. You can purchase showers for $5 each at the coffee window. Please understand that the showers tend to have long lines in the morning. Also please be respectful that people are waiting to use the showers. We hardily endorse sailor showers. Turn on shower and get wet, turn off shower, wash hair and lather, turn on shower and rinse. Please help to conserve water.

I still have left over fireworks from the 4th! Can I bring them?
NO!!! No fire works at all. Permanent and immediate expulsion. You have been warned. This includes paper lanterns with candles - especially if you let them float up.

Is there somewhere to charge my motorized wheelchair?

Where and how do I sign up for volunteering?
Send Cindy a message with volunteer in the subject line and tell her what your special skills are. There is a long list so be patient.

I'm going to make it to the gate pretty late on Thursday. What do I do?
The gates close at 10 pm. After that, we allow cars to park along the fence at the very front of the property (before you reach the house). It's unsafe to drive back after dark. Please note: you must come back as soon as you can in the morning (think BEFORE 9 am) to move your vehicle. Leave a paper with your cell number on the dash.

If it's before 12 midnight, faeries will still be working the greeters booth and you can get checked in. If it's after 1:00 a.m. or the booth is empty, KEEP YOUR TICKET WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES; until you get a wristband, this is your proof of purchase. You can then unpack your car and find your campsite. Just remember to go to registration when you wake up (or it becomes light outside again) to get your wristband. Vehicles left after 9am will be towed at owners expense.

Once You’re in Like Flynn

What is meant by "No Drama"? Does that mean my camp can only play comedy, thriller, horror, mystery, and romance movies?
“No drama” = be excellent to one another. We'll put a garbage can at the front of the driveway to throw your problems and any negativity into on your way in.

I notice there are fire dancers near the bon fire! I want to play with fire, too! Can I?
If you are adept in the skill of fire dancing, and you have your own supplies, please send us a message on FB to get more info. You need to be signed up and approved before you can perform.

It is FANTASTIC that you provided all these benches for spectators to watch the dancers and listen to the drummers at the bon fire!
The benches are provided for the drummers. If there are vacant spaces, take a load off. But be prepared to offer your seat to the next drummer to come along. The circle between the drummers and fire is for dancers only. If you are not drumming or dancing, than please stand back behind the benches to allow everyone room to safely do their thing. Respect and enjoy the fire and performers.

What is there to do in camp after the fair closes?
The drum circle and fire performers on the western edge of the property are always wonderful. Drumming must stop at 11pm but there will be other acoustic music in the campground. There are bands on the stage by the barn, the vendors on Vendor Row have amazing goodies, there will inevitably be a dance party or two. You may find belly dancers. There is typically a projector featuring concert footage of the Dead back by Knutson’s Korner. Movies are played back at Jackson's Hole 2x/night. The first starts at dusk and is usually family friendly. The second is typically "interesting for the legal age kids in us all." Most importantly, there are friends to make.

Wow! The Groove Inn is so cool! Thanks so much for providing us with a living room!
The Groove Inn is a private camp. They are very welcoming, but do not make their camp your home. By all means say hello and compliment their accomplishments, oooh and aaah at the lava-lampesque tipi, but do not stage a coup d’etat. This is a private camp.

How do I get to the Fair?
There is a path on the western side of the property just south of the bon fire. Please use this path, which leads you out to Suttle Road, and follow the crowds and signs to the fair. Please leave the driveway to be used for vehicles. If you are riding a bicycle to fair - use the driveway, but yield to vehicles. Please be respectful of our neighbors and community.

So it's totally cool to just party at DR all weekend, right?
Well, yes. However to come into the campground, you must have an OCF faire ticket.

Before you say Adios/Bonjour/Arrivederci/Sayonara/
Or as Cindy says, “Don’t let the front gate hit ya where the good lord split ya”

When I leave will there be places for my trash, or should I be expected to pack it out with me? How about recyclables? If so, what can be put in the recycling bins?
There are several dumpsters and recycling bins located behind the barn in the campground. There are also garbage cans located near the clusters of porta-potties. Many campsites have started offering composting - please look for compost and recycle station signs while on your travels. And please don’t wait until Monday to clean your camp - feel free to remove garbage daily. Waste is picked up regularly and a clean camp makes for nicer photos. Please feel free to carry any trash to the dumpsters and throw it in. ONLY RECYCLE CAN GO IN THE RECYCLE BIN. OTHERWISE THE TRASH COMPANY WILL DUMP THE WHOLE THING AND ALL OF OUR RECYCLING WILL BE FOR NOUGHT. There is a separate dumpster for recycle so make sure you throw it in the correct one. YOU MUST PACK OUT ALL FURNITURE!

What if I’m tired and burnt-out and don’t feel like cleaning my camping spot?
Well, we’re making a list and checking it twice! And we think that’s naughty, not nice. You will be put on the list accordingly and not invited back. So how tired are you?

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